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Pietech companys sole mission is to offer consumers with easy to use, innovative & affordable products. We, at Pietech believe that technology that reaches the common man is the best of its kind. We strive to innovate affordable technology to support people in living high standard lives in their prices.

  • High Performance - We provide high performance and innovative Digital TV receiver for DVB-T2 that turns your iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet and Smartphone into a mobile television without internet or 3G connection.

  • Brilliant Quality Anytime and Anywhere - Live television with brilliant quality anytime and anywhere. Recording live television onto your your Apple or Andriod device is an added advantage.

  • Record favorite TV programs - Record favorite TV programs without internet and play later on your carry-on devices.

Our Feature Products

A DTV receiver is a Device that permits the reception of Digital television. The DTV receiver is a vital link in the chain of television system. The goal of a broadcasting system is to concentrate the hardware requirements at the source to simplify the receivers and makes it as inexpensive as possible.

Pie Assistance

Pie Assistance is a wireless calling system which will get rid of customer service problem in your store. Pie Assistance products include display, button, and remote control. Customers won’t have to wait for a long time to get their service, just one press on the button your employees will be notice and alarm of service that is demanding. Pie Assistance product can give customers good vibe, privacy and accurate queuing.

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